Music videos on Facebook Watch to challenge YouTube?

The social network in blue is ready to launch its challenge to YouTube by hosting on the platform Facebook Watch the music video of the most successful artists in the record market. It is the indiscretion reported today on the pages of Bloomberg that, it should be emphasized, has not been officially confirmed (nor denied) at the moment.

Music videos coming to Facebook Watch?

Rumor has it that Mark Zuckerberg's group has already entered into negotiations with at least two of the majors, Sony Music is Universal Music Group. Considering the popularity of the service, a direct integration of the videos in its catalog could at least partially shift the balance that today regulates the territory of the music video streaming dominated by Google. Some tests would have already been started in countries not better specified, so as to evaluate the first feedback provided by users, but also in this regard there are no confirmations.

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Artists and labels could also evaluate the opportunity in consideration of the long-term complaints expressed against YouTube and more in detail of the compensation deemed not up to par. Being able to count on an alternative platform to which to grant the songs and their clips (also exclusively) they would be in a position to exercise greater power during the negotiation phase.

It should also be remembered that the company also controls IGTV, the Instagram TV launched a year and a half ago. Considering how popular the application is among the younger age groups, a prospect of this type could especially attract the new players on the record market or in any case the artists who have their audience in adolescents.

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