more streamlined and with a new CEO

Up to 9,000 employees worldwide, 16% of the workforce employed globally (55,000 units last year), including layoffs, retirements and migrations to other companies. It is the measure announced today by HP as a step in the reorganization process that by 2020 will streamline the company's business model, making it as we read in the press release a "more digitally enabled company". The maneuver will cost the group about a billion dollars between now and 2022, but the forecast is to save the same number every year.

The new HP: less staff and new CEO

As anticipated at the end of August, a change is also foreseen at the top of the organization chart, with the role of CEO who from the hands of Dion Weisler (left) will pass in November in those of Enrique Lores (right), today head of the Imaging and Printing divisions. In this case, however, the decision was taken for personal and family reasons of the person concerned. These are the words of the now upcoming CEO.

We see ourselves as about to start a new chapter for HP and announce important moves to go in this direction. We spent a lot of time defining this plan. We can embrace the changes we see happening in the market and that can help us project the company into the future.

Dion Weisler (left) and Enrique Lores (right)

A new strategy for the business linked to is in the pipeline printers, one of the most important for the company. The focus will be shifted more to services. There is also a price increase for units that can also be used with cartridges produced by third parties.

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HP Specter x360 13 "srcset =" 600w, /09/spectre1-136x85.jpg 136w "sizes =" (max-width: 600px) 100vw, 600px

Just in recent days the US brand has announced the new HP Specter x360 13, visible above, a laptop destined for the premium segment with 10th generation Intel Core processors and a design that has earned it Project Athena certification.

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