MISE with Poste Italiane for the Piazza WiFi Italia project

The Ministry of Economic Development announces that it has signed a memorandum of understanding with Italian post within the project Piazza WiFi Italia. The document will make it possible to combine the WiFi network present in the post offices of the territory with that of WiFi Italia managed by Infratel, thus giving rise to a form of integration that will benefit citizens.

Piazza WiFi Italia: MISE and Poste together

Anyone in possession ofapplication dedicated (available for download for Android is iOS) will therefore be able to connect to the Internet free of charge at post offices equipped with connectivity and open to the public, even in smaller centers. The objective of the initiative is to offer Italians a way to access the Internet in a free and simple way.

At the moment, 261 municipalities have been reached and another 120 will be activated by November, thanks to the ā‚¬ 45 million tender last year. For 2020, further acceleration is expected as a result of the allocation of dedicated calls by Infratel.

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Deputy Minister Stefano Buffagni on the stage of the meeting

In addition to squares of the cities, the project is therefore going to expand its range of action by reaching the post offices. Thus Stefano Buffagni, Deputy Minister who was responsible for signing the protocol, commented on the initiative.

We want a more connected, modern and efficient Italy. Poste is committed to investing in innovation to anticipate the future, without forgetting local needs. An important challenge, but one that makes us proud. It is only by making a system, with common visions and investments and in compliance with local realities, that Italy can become a modern and efficient country.

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