Mirror, living room personal trainer

Would you spend about $ 1500 to buy a mirror, $ 30 a month for a subscription to a service that makes the object smart and an additional $ 40 to be able to use it for 30 minutes as an intelligent and personalized personal trainer? The producers of Mirror, the smart mirror, they hope so, but the reality is that people willing to spend this kind of money will actually be very few. But this is not the point: Mirror represents the umpteenth evolution of what technology can create for the modern home, where every single component can be re-imagined to transform it into something new and further, integrated in an innovative way into everyday life.

A personal trainer on Mirror

Mirror is nothing but a reflective screen, using its own LCD display to show useful information for various needs. Living room fitness is one of these extensions, allowing for personalized Pilates, kickboxing and other disciplines. The mirror incorporates a video camera and microphone, which now opens up to something more: it is no longer just the mirror's intelligence that can guide the exercise, but can also be entrusted to real remote assistants. A mirror to see yourself, a video camera to be seen, a microphone to interact, a display to monitor: all in one, all in Mirror.

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Workouts on Mirror

This type of device therefore opens up the possibility of accessing fitness services from home when moving around becomes a problem; becomes a business opportunity for personal trainers looking for a wider and more advanced offer; it becomes a market opportunity that can enrich a smart device in search of further extensions. When an object becomes intelligent, it potentially becomes a platform for new ideas and new developments.

What was a chimera until a few years ago is now paradoxically simple: this is the case for the whole world that interacts with Alexa, so it is for Nest thermostats and so for a plethora of other solutions. Apart from business models that are not always mature and not always at cost levels that can open up to the masses, Mirror makes it clear that creativity returns to the center of the market because all the other conditions are facilitating elements.

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