Ministry of Transport: freight traffic does not stop

In light of the agreements made with trade associations in recent days, the Ministry of Transport communicated the results regarding freight traffic on Italian roads and towards the borders.

Freight traffic in the Coronavirus era

Stopping the goods would mean stopping all activities, creating collateral damage which, with due health precautions, can instead be avoided in order not to sink the country in such a delicate phase. The decisions are therefore as follows:


The restrictions introduced today do not prohibit travel for proven business reasons. Therefore, unless they are subject to quarantine or have tested positive for the virus, cross-border workers will be able to enter and leave the territories concerned to reach their jobs and return home. Interested parties will be able to prove the business reason for the move by any means, including a declaration that can be made to the police force in the event of any checks.

About the displacements to borders it had already been discussed in the past few days, but a detailed check is recommended before leaving because the situation is clearly in continuous evolution.

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Goods can enter and leave the affected territories. The activity of transport operators is a working requirement: the personnel who lead the means of transport can therefore enter and leave the territories concerned and move within them, limited to the needs of delivery or collection of the goods.

The situation becomes chaotic because the directives are taken in an emergency and leave ample discretion between self-certifications and exemptions. Common sense will prevail, in this case as never before. While the goods will have to circulate for the good of all, people should stay indoors . We will not miss an opportunity to repeat it.

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