Microsoft's browser is better at blocking trackers

It is the day of browser: after the debut of Firefox 71 now it's up to Edge 79. Even the software of Microsoft for navigation, it focuses more and more on the privacy front, declaring that this new release is able to block 25% more of the trackers than the previous ones, while maintaining a high standard as regards compatibility.

Edge 79: news for tracker blocking

The action must for obvious reasons take place without compromising the experience for the end user, otherwise the usefulness of the software fails. For this reason the Redmond group has thought about the use of a so-called Engagement List that stop more or less content depending on the degree of confidence between those browsing and the site, a parameter calculated on the basis of the frequency of visits and indicated with a value between 1 and 100. To check and manage the list, updated automatically anyway, simply type "edge: // site -engagement โ€in the address bar.

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Again, when the mode is activated InPrivate (for incognito browsing), the setting for Tracking Prevention it is independently set to Strict (the other two levels are Basic and Balanced). We remind you that at any time you can see the blocked trackers writing "edge: // settings / privacy / blockedTrackers".

The news concerns the version Chromium of Edge, the one that little more than a month ago was affected by a restyling of the logo (in the opening image the new one is visible) also with the aim of cutting the bridges with the heavy legacy of Internet Explorer.

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