Microsoft's AI with Lauv

October 10 is celebrated on World Mental Health Day, the world day dedicated to mental health. On the occasion Microsoft announces through its official blog the launch of an initiative fielded in collaboration with Lauv. Ari Staprans Leff is a 25-year-old American singer and producer who created the site My Blue Thoughts with the aim of collecting negative thoughts shared by his fans at concerts, left in written or vocal form within what he himself calls "non-religious confessionals".

My Blue Thoughts: Microsoft with Lauv

The purpose is clear: to offer anyone a small chance of venting, making anonymous what is written and uploading it to an online platform where it is possible to give rise to discussions on the subject or more simply to understand that others also have the same problems. Today the portal is proposed with a renewed version and enhanced byartificial intelligence of the Redmond group. The algorithms deal with labeling every thought analyzing the content, so as to improve the indexing and transcribing the audio of the messages left.

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The thoughts shared on My Blue Thoughts

The new version of My Blue Thoughts allows anyone to interact with it, through an interactive map, even without going to one of the concerts. So Amy Sorokas of Microsoft described the collaboration.

For us to be able to collaborate with someone so open about mental health and the need to understand people has been a wonderful opportunity. It was exciting to be involved to understand how to increase awareness on the subject and to increase the scope of the message.

Both Microsoft and Lauv's entourage are committed to ensuring that the project remains devoid of offensive or potentially harmful content, even intervening with manual moderation.

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