Microsoft's AI to protect children

Project Artemis is the code name assigned by Microsoft to a new instrument packaged specifically for the protection of children. A tool that stems from the experience gained on the Xbox platform and which, according to what has been made known, can also be used on Skype in the future: it analyzes the content of the chat looking for references that can suggest the existence of a threat.

Microsoft, Project Artemis to protect the little ones

Once theartificial intelligence has identified alarm signals, conversations can be taken over by a flesh-and-blood moderator to avoid the risk that this is a false positive and possibly, in the case of real danger, intervene by notifying the authorities or those in charge. Here are the words of Courtney Gregoire, the Group's Digital Safety Chief, useful for understanding how we can talk about progress in the fight online abuse of childrenwithout forgetting that a definitive solution to the problem is still a long way off.

Project Artemis constitutes a significant step forward, but does not mean it is the panacea for all ills. Sexual exploitation and abuse, as well as other online practices that target children, pose serious problems. However, we are not discouraged by the complexity and implications of such a sensitive topic.

The initiative is implemented and carried out by Microsoft in collaboration with The Meet Group, Roblox, Kik and Thorn. Once in its definitive form, the tool will also be made available to third-party services: the forecast is to do it by the middle of this year.

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Leading the project is Hany Farid, formerly responsible for PhotoDNA, a tool that deals with analyzing images in search of abuse for children with the aim of countering the scourge of online child pornography. No reference is made to the protection of the post privacy: we assume that the Redmond group took this into account during the development phase started in November 2018.

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