Microsoft Garage launches SketchPal: perfect for Surface Neo

Proposed by the Microsoft Garage team, SketchPal is a new application for Windows 10 dedicated to design, characterized by an interface optimized for the use of devices with touchscreen display and stylus. You can download it for free immediately from the official store (the link is at the bottom of the article).

SketchPal gives a nod to Surface Neo

There are brushes and tools for inserting geometric shapes. It reminds a little of the dear and old Paint, but winks at today's devices. Impossible not to think that the team at work on the project deliberately designed the UI to make it usable through dual screen who are preparing to debut on the market.

The SketchPal app from Microsoft

The Surface Neo model presented by Microsoft last week. For those who missed the announcement, below we attach a series of images showing the concept, the successor of that Courier presented over a decade ago and never reached the shelves. An idea maybe then too far ahead for the times, a form factor that somehow anticipated the advent of convertibles and 2-in-1 by a few years.

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Finally, let us recall that at the time the Redmond group did not provide information on the price of Surface Neo nor the complete list of Technical specifications: we know that it will integrate processors with Intel Lakefield architecture, which will be based on the Windows 10X operating system and will offer two 9-inch displays side by side capable of assuming the appearance of a single 13-inch screen. It will arrive on the market by the end of next year.

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