MacOS Catalina Pro Mode to play on MacBook?

The world MacOS (once OS X) has never been the favorite of gamers, for several reasons: a catalog of titles not up to the PC counterpart (despite some exceptions) and an optimization of devices not designed by Apple to run this type of software. Things could change with the arrival of one of the next updates for Catalina.

macOS Catalina: the Pro Mode for games?

The beta of version 10.15.3 already in circulation contains some references to the so-called Pro Mode, a mode that when activated makes some changes to the operating system. Interventions that seem intended for this purpose: removes any type of limitation applied to the battery for energy saving, at the same time pushing the CPU and GPU to their limit, also increasing the speed of rotation of the fans in order to ensure adequate dissipation of the heat. According to the code found, the feature is disabled completely automatically the day after activation, thus preventing the user from forgetting about it, affecting autonomy.

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The novelty seems to be addressed to Cupertino laptops and in particular to 16-inch MacBook Pro recently announced. In the intentions of Apple, perhaps, to make their laptop devices capable of winking even to those interested in gaming. In any case, it is good to underline that no confirmation has come from the bitten apple. As with all the rumors, this too is to be taken with the pliers.

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