Lockhart will be the economic version of the new Xbox

A new era of console war will open within a year: the debut on the market of PlayStation 5 and of the new Xbox, until today known with the code name Project Scarlett. According to the rumors reported today by Kotaku, the latter could come in two different versions, one of which is cheaper, less powerful and without a reader for discs (such as the One All-Digital Edition), christened Lockhart from Microsoft. The nickname chosen for the other, the high-end one, is instead Anaconda.

New Xbox: Lockhart with Project Scarlett

A hypothesis already formulated in the past, which after having been set aside now seems to take on form and concreteness. The two editions could be called the next genes of Xbox One S and Xbox One X. They will be substantial differences at the level of hardware sector: Lockhart should be able to have 4 teraFLOPS for the elaboration of graphic contents, stopping at the 1440p format, with Anaconda instead capable of pushing up to 10 teraFLOPS, in all probability to guarantee full support for 8K resolution from the first day of marketing.

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There CPU should be the same, but on the first of the two platforms limited in computing capacity. Also predating also on Lockhart units SSD for storage, so as to reduce loading and saving times compared to traditional hard disks.

From Microsoft no confirmations (or denials) have been received for the time being. In all probability you will know more within the next few months. Finally, remember that the Redmond group is also engaged on the front cloud gaming, with the forthcoming launch of the xCloud service that will compete, among others, with Google Stadia. A prospect apparently evaluated also by Amazon that, thanks to the presence of Twitch in its catalog, could launch a competing platform for streaming games.

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