Levante Drone, two days of flight and photography

THE drones they have changed the way we see the world: since shooting and aerial photography have become within everyone's reach – or almost – the expressive possibilities have multiplied and man has learned to look at the landscape from a new point of view.

Levante Drone Festival

To celebrate this novelty now cleared for collective good, here is the second edition of Levante Drone Festival, expected a Sestri Levante in the days March 21 and 22, 2020 (free admission). The goal is to introduce everyone to the fascinating world of drones in all their nuances: playful flight, panoramic photography in flight, aerial photography and much more. Are you ready, for example, to fly as if you were sitting on the wings of a seagull?

In Sestri Levante it will be possible to meet professionals and hobbyists in the world of drones, you can wear visors for first-person experiences, you can see the artistic achievements obtained using drones. All with the background of the sea, the Riviera and the Ligurian hinterland, in the context of a Sestri Levante ready to welcome fans of flight, photography and drones.

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