let's find out how to extend the wireless network

In times of smart working having good wifi connectivity in every room, even those furthest from the router, is essential. To get it there are solutions and the problem can be solved easily and with a small expense.

To have a sufficient signal to cover every corner of the house, the ideal would be to place the wifi router in the center of the house, but it is not always possible, usually it is installed near the first telephone socket. To remedy the problem, there are several solutions to extend the wifi connection even where it does not arrive, such as special signal repeaters or devices that use the home's electrical network.

A Wireless repeater or Wireless Range Extender is a device that has the purpose of taking the wireless signal of the modem connected to the Internet, amplify and redistribute it in the area where it is installed. It should therefore be positioned halfway between the router and the environment where we want the wifi signal to arrive.

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There configuration it's simple, just press the Wps button to activate an automatic setting function. If the router is also equipped with Wps, it is even easier: just connect the Range Extender to an electrical outlet and press the Wps keys on both devices to be connected.

An excellent device for extending the wifi signal is the TP-LINK Wireless TL-WA850RE WIFI, designed to expand wireless coverage by eliminating shadows, at a speed of 300Mbps.

It also has a LAN port that can be used for the connection of Ethernet devices, useful for example to connect SmartTV and Decoder.

TP-LINK Wireless TL-WA850RE WIFI is available on eBay for ā‚¬ 19.90 with free delivery.

If you need to extend the connection beyond a few meters of an apartment, through thick walls or on another floor of the building, you can resort to different solutions, such as using the PowerLine adapters, who take advantage of the eletricity grid to bring the internet connection wherever there is a power outlet that is part of the same electrical system. For this type of devices, installation is very simple, just connect the transmitter to the LAN and automatically the receiver will also have a network connection.

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The same receiving device, suitably configured, can be used as a wifi router, with a different network than the source one.

Powerline TP-LINK TL-WPA4010KIT

The TP-LINK TL-WPA4010KIT Powerline KIT with an Ethernet port for the connection of wired devices it is compatible with the Homeplug AV standard up to 600Mbps and up to 300 meters of coverage on residential electrical circuits, it can be purchased on eBay for ā‚¬ 36.90 with free delivery.

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