Lenovo and Intel for the Austrian supercomputer VSC-4

Partnership announced between Lenovo is Intel for the new supercomputer most powerful at the moment operating in Austria: the Vienna Scientific Cluster-4. The HPC infrastructure is based on ThinkSystem servers provided by the Chinese group and on second-generation Xeon Scalable processors, putting its capabilities at the service of hundreds of research and education projects throughout the country aimed at meteorology, materials science, quantum chemistry and genetics.

Vienna Scientific Cluster-4 supercomputer renewed

Big Data analysis and machine learning applications will be two other areas of action for the future of VSC-4. The collaboration confirmed today will make it suitable also to satisfy increasingly diversified and far-reaching requests touching on non-traditional areas such as biotechnology, social sciences and humanities, study of the impact of climate change on rivers and flooded areas, interaction of the molecules produced by pharmacologies with the proteins of the human body and even simulations of what happened in the universe immediately after the Big Bang.

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The Vienna Scientific Cluster-4 supercomputer

The new VSC-4 is the first supercomputer in Austria to break the petaflops barrier (PFLOPS) in Austria, reaching a peak performance of 3.7 PFLOPS (2.7 PFLOPS in continuous operation). Inside there is a place 790 Lenovo ThinkSystem SD650 server with third generation Direct Water-Cooling technology e Intel Xeon Scalable processors second generation for a total of 37,920 cores.

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