Lee Sang-hoon is no longer President of Samsung Electronics

In mid-December the news of the sentencing, today the resignation: Lee Sang-hoon is no longer the President of Samsung Electronics. The South Korean group will appoint the successor shortly, perhaps already at a meeting scheduled for March, in all probability choosing one of the six members who currently make up the board of directors.

Lee Sang-hoon is no longer President of Samsung Electronics

An exit from the scene that comes less than two years after the election to the top of the company. Then the company decided to separate the role of President from that of CEO, also in the name of transparency, following the explosion of the case involving Jay Y. Lee, designated heir of the multinational who ended up in handcuffs.

Sang-Hoon Lee

A serious accusation hangs over Lee Sang-hoon's head: violation of the union laws in force in South Korea by implementing strategies aimed at discouraging workers' representation activities. One and a half years the prison term established with the final decision postponed to the appeal.

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