LastPass Premium password manager increased the price. What does the free version offer?

We often recommend using the password manager and generating strong passwords with its help, but in February the choice has narrowed a bit – at least for people who save money. Popular LastPass in the Premium version raised the price by a dollar a month.

Free or paid?

LastPass is available in several versions for home and business users, the simplest of which is still available for free. LastPass Free offers a password generator, the ability to provide login information to one person without explicit password and simple two-factor authorization. From 2015, free accounts can also use password synchronization between devices, including between mobile and PC. The application can also store encrypted notes and check whether the used passwords have not been shared by third parties. This service works similar to Have I Been Pwnd.

More advanced features require you to pay a subscription. LastPass Premium gives us access to such functions as encrypted file storage (1 GB), more advanced two-factor authorization (YobiKey, Sesame, fingerprint reader) or the possibility of obtaining emergency access to your password collection. The family plan includes licenses for 6 people and the possibility of central management of some facilities.

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LastPass went up price a second time in two years. In 2017, the Premium subscription was raised from $ 1 to $ 2, in February 2019 and the price is already $ 3 if we pay it a year in advance. Price increases coincided with the takeover of the LastPass password manager by LogMeIn, the producer of Hamachi, a popular VPN configuration program.

LastPass, KeePass czy 1Pawwsord?

LastPass Premium is not expensive compared to other paid password managers, but the price increase is never happy. 1Password currently costs 1 cent less. Invariably for free you can have an almost equally extensive KeePass password manager, whose source code is open, which guarantees the possibility of independent analysis of the program’s operation.

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