it will be done by 2020, for Europe it is a priority

At the end of next week, the central bank governors and finance ministers of the countries meeting in the G20 will be in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia). The discussion on the Digital Tax. For the old continent it is one top priority: a unified and shared approach is necessary, to avoid that each state does it by itself, thus creating a confused and fragmented scenario.

A Digital Tax by 2020

The OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) is called to define rules taking into account the dynamics linked to the services provided through the tools of the online world, recognizing that countries in which large groups generate profits an adequate return in terms of taxes . This is an excerpt from the document that describes the position on the topic taken by the countries of theEuropean Union members of the G20 and from the fresh UK of Brexit.

We must give the highest priority to the search for a global solution regarding the taxation of the digital economy as well as the problems related to the erosion of the tax base and the transfer of profits.

Attention is focused on the reality business like Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft is Amazon just to give some examples. The stated goal is to be able to have a solid and effective regulatory system already by 2020.

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There is also theItaly, together with France and Spain, among the states that have already tried or have set up their own Digital Tax. At this point it is legitimate to expect that individual initiatives can be supplanted by a single regulation, established in detail already in the summer to come into force before the end of the year. A few days ahead of the G20, Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook's number one and directly involved, should intervene tomorrow.

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