IPKom, the Switchboard of Let's see each other

Professionals struggling with the adoption of agile work (or smart working) can take a look at what those who join the initiative offer Digital Solidarity promoted by institutions for the sharing of resources and content made available to businesses and citizens. Among them too IPKOM.

Digital Solidarity: IPKom, let's meet

What the company offers is the CentralinoCloud of Let's meet, a system of videoconferencing dedicated to remote collaboration. Among the features, the fact of not requiring the installation of any client: a computer with a microphone and access to a browser is sufficient. Those who want to use it for free for 60 days can write to emergency. covid (at) ipkom. com or register through the official site of the service.

Digital Solidarity: all the services offered

The complete list of other tools included in the Digital Solidarity package is available on portal that Minister for Technological Innovation and Digitization is Agency for digital Italy undertake to update regularly.

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