iPhones won't cost more

Overseas analysts have already christened it Early Christmas Present to Apple, an early Christmas gift for the bitten apple. We are talking about the preliminary agreement so far signed between United States and China with the aim of ending or at least reducing the trade war which has been going on for some time now, with the two superpowers creating a wall.

No US-China duties for Apple products?

It will avoid the Cupertino group and the other American hi-tech producers who supply components or assemble devices in China to face the new duties set at 15% for the imports from the Asian country, whose entry into force was initially scheduled for August, only to be postponed and scheduled for the day after tomorrow, Sunday 15 December.

The tax would have caused one increase of approximately $ 150 per iPhone purchased during the last days of Christmas shopping. It should be remembered that some products Apple already have suffered price increases related to duties: the Watch watch, the AirPods earphones, the iMac line computers and the HomePod smart speaker. Some of these could be removed by bringing prices back to past levels.

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There partial handshake between Washington and Beijing provides among other things that the latter undertakes to purchase a greater volume of products for agriculture of US origin. The question of Huawei's ban implemented in May with its inclusion in the Department of Commerce's Entity List will inevitably end up in the discussion: the Shenzhen company is one of the most important in the Asian country in terms of turnover and influence , leader in the supply of equipment for the preparation of mobile networks, including those of the new generation of 5G.

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