#iorestoacasa, Internet traffic on the rise

Sifting through the official updates published by the Piedmont Region regarding the emergency coronavirus a detail emerges that bodes well as regards the effectiveness of the indications received from government and institutions: as evidence of how more and more people are adopting the #iorestoacasa line, there is a increased data traffic generated through streaming platforms and other online services.

Coronavirus: all at home, plus Internet and streaming

In the list of today's updates shared by the region, one in particular bears the title "Increased use of the Internet in Piedmont". There is talk of a + 20% compared to the same period of 2019 and a + 50% compared to the month of January taking into account the interval "from when the coronavirus emergency started" to today. These are the words of Matteo Marnati, Regional Councilor for Digital Services.

The system also holds up against a significant spike in requests. The comforting fact is that the increasing use of recreational platforms indicates a greater propensity of citizens to stay at home, even if there are still many who have not perceived the seriousness of the situation.

Again, come on Google there was + 45%. In recent days we have published an in-depth analysis linked to the interest in the topic on the search engine.

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The social network Facebook showed a + 42%, while for Netflix and other entertainment services there is growth, but it is not specified. The numbers are those collected through a study commissioned by the TOP-IX consortium (TOrino Piemonte Internet eXchange). We do not currently have more detailed data or data relating to the entire national territory.

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