Invitalia man in the fight against Coronavirus

IRI, Pars, Arthur Andersen. Then Deloitte (where he became CEO in 2004), finally Invitalia, who has been driving since 2007. These are the stages of the rise of Domenico Arcuri, the "super manager" who for some days had been invoked by several political parties to offer support for the coordination of emergency activities on the health front.

Domenico Arcuri's curriculum is available on the Invitalia website, where his collaboration with Bocconi, Federico II and Luiss “Guido Carli” universities is also mentioned.

The role of Domenico Arcuri

So Giuseppe Conte during the press conference in which he announced the new restrictions aimed at reducing the Coronavirus pandemic in Italy:

Soon I will appoint a delegated commissioner to enhance the response of hospitals to this health emergency. He will be a commissioner who will have wide derogating powers, who will work to strengthen especially the production, the distribution of equipment for intensive and sub-intensive therapies, he will also have the power to create new plants, to set up new plants for the production of these equipment and to make up for the shortcomings found so far.

And the appointment therefore takes place directly, anticipating the subsequent signature of the official investiture:

The person I will appoint will be Dr. Domenico Arcuri, who is the CEO of Invitalia, and this already consolidated structure, already expert in the industrial sector, will take place. We will coordinate with dr. Borrelli and with the current structure of the Civil Protection.

The appointment is an important recognition of the work carried out to date at the helm of Invitalia, where it operates in the role of central procurement commissioner of the PA: these skills will now be at the service of the urgent plan for the development of new structures and the supply of the necessary material for the management of the ongoing health emergency.

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What is taking place is a real race against time to allow the sanitary machine to be able to offer maximum assistance to all those who need it, in the hope that in the meantime the actions to contain the virus can ease the pressure on health.

Arcuri's role will be to manage the emergency, bringing new beds and new treatment opportunities for Covid-19 infected patients as soon as possible, who will need them from the next few days.

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