Intel GPU for data centers and supercomputers

The name chosen by us is clearly of local inspiration Intel for his new family of GPU intended for the architecture-based line Xe: yesterday the official presentation of Old Bridge. The units, built using a 7 nm production process, will arrive on the market within the next year, initially destined for data centers and supercomputers to then embrace the consumer sphere and in particular gaming with specific variations.

Intel presents Ponte Vecchio: Xe GPU at 7 nm

The announcement came at the 2019 HPC Developer Conference event in the city of Denver (Colorado). They will start with the new interface oneAPI (already available in beta) intended for developers with the undeclared objective of bringing the Santa Clara chipmaker to compete with the competition of NVIDIA and AMD in the area of ​​applications related toartificial intelligence.

Ponte Vecchio is the code name of Intel's new GPU for data centers and supercomputers

Add components to the Intel roadmap Xeon next-generation 10 nm, arriving no earlier than 2021, currently known by the code name Sapphire Rapids. Together with the Ponte Vecchio GPUs (the first of a kind exascale of the group or capable of performing a billion billion calculations per second) and oneAPI will find place within the Aurora supercomputer announced by the Department of Energy of the Argonne National Laboratory. Lenovo and Atos have already set up similar projects for the HPC (High Performance Computing) segment.

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