innovation puts us offside?

The offside it is one of the most complex and fascinating rules that the game of football has invented: by setting limits to the way in which it can be expressed, it has forced the players to make intelligent movements. One of the most difficult rules to understand (and to verify, so that no one can circumvent it) is also one of the most precious rules for the spectacle of the game.

Rules of the game: does innovation put us off-side?

On the occasion of Internet Festival 2019, Punto Informatico will look for those who have failed to stay "in the game", violating the rule and therefore having to stop the action. On the occasion of # IF2019, where the theme is precisely that of β€œrules of the game", We will try to understand who, how and why it ended up offside because of the high defense that innovation puts into play.

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Who goes offside will see the goal annulled and will not be able to reach the goal. This is why it is important to play cunning, taking at the right time without too much time. The attacker's intelligence is all in the movement: what technologies have put us off-side? Which, instead, are the perfect opportunity for a skilled counter-attack? When did we jump on the offside and when did we see the goal canceled after extensively celebrating? But above all: how do you get out of a defense that is too high that brings us continuous pressing in every area of ​​the field?

Out of metaphor: are we really able to play our social game in this era of great changes, pervasive technology and seamless innovation? Or do we risk ending up constantly off-side?

From 10 to 13 October, in Pisa: we'll talk about it here, on Punto Informatico.

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