in this way the station against the infection is sanitized

Do you know what is one of the dirtiest – and therefore dangerous, points in this phase of containment of the Coronavirus infection – that you can come across in your own home? The keyboard of your laptop or pc. It has always been and always been discussed, since this aspect is often ignored by virtue of the absence of perceived real dangers. However, now the situation is different: there is an invisible enemy, but completely known to all, to fight and keep away from your homes. So does it make sense to think about how to sanitize your PC workstation? Absolutely, because every precaution is in this fundamental phase.

The approach must be reasoned. Without prejudice to the fact that workplace hygiene is a fundamental aspect in everyday life, the established data must now be reinterpreted in the light of the Covid-19 emergency, of course, especially if in the presence of a commitment to smart working. So you need to first think about how and why a keyboard can be a potentially infected and / or contagious place.

Keyboard, a place of contagion

The keyboard has many reasons to be considered a place of potential danger. First of all, position yourself a few centimeters from the face, therefore the first object of that "droplet" effect for which particular attention is recommended. In addition, although everyone has an obligation to stay at home, everyone takes small moments of freedom in a stairwell, on a road to the store for supplies or with a short run (except to keep social distances). Although they are sporadic situations, they are all potential contagion situations and we do not rarely respond to this social isolation by diving as soon as possible on a keyboard and on our social contacts.

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Safety at this stage is above all a matter of attention and precaution, therefore both possible cases must be assessed:

  1. droplet effect, linked to the "droplets" which could result, for example, from a sneeze;
  2. lack of hygiene, for example, putting your fingers on the keyboard after arriving from a place outside the house.

In both cases there is an aggravating factor that adds to the whole: the devices are often shared in the family, which means that husbands, wives or children could easily get their hands on the same keyboard for a quick online search, for a video call, for an update on social media or to read an email. The sharing of the same tool is therefore at the origin of a possible infection, especially if – being calm in the house – we pay less attention in bringing our hand to the face or rubbing an eye.

In short, care must be taken regardless. But sanitizing the keyboard on a regular basis could be an excellent way to proceed today and a valid habit for tomorrow.

How to clean the keyboard

The keyboard can be cleaned in very simple ways, although the practice is not always so easy for deep sanitization. There are basically two operations to carry out:

  1. blow under the keys, so as to move crumbs and dust and eliminate the accumulation of dirt where cleaning is more complex;
  2. sanitation of the surfaces with which it comes into contact, ie keys and other surfaces of the keyboard.

The latest studies on Coronavirus indicate the possibility of staying on surfaces usually for a few hours, but in some cases it could even be a few days. So let's not underestimate this aspect.

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The blowing can be safely operated (albeit with maximum attention on the force of air delivery) with a normal compressor that many people have in the garage to inflate wheels or balls. Those who do not have tools of this type can instead rely on small spray cans low cost, taking care of the availability of a small spout that can be inserted between the keys, concentrating the jet to the maximum. With a slightly higher figure, however, they are available electrical systems which in the long run therefore allow for substantial savings with a view to ordinary device cleaning.


The keyboard must be sanitized, as for any other potentially hazardous surface (smartphones included), with products that can actually disinfect the instrument. Like? Water and soap, for a job already of good use, switching to alcohol for a more radical operation. The latter option is recommended, but you obviously need to rely on a cloth because any liquid (especially if alcohol-based) is certainly not recommended in direct contact with an electronic device.

How to clean the workplace

Restricting oneself to the keyboard would obviously be of little use, because the hands actually rest primarily on tables and desks. As trivial as this advice may appear, at this stage it is necessary: ​​sanitizing the surfaces, also using alcohol-based products in this case, it is absolutely important to keep the workstation clean and protected from any possibility of contagion. So both for handles and elements that can ideally put the external world into contact with the internal one.

It can be done easily: you need, more than anything else, attention.

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