In Holland someone sends explosive packages asking for Bitcoin to quit

For several weeks now Holland someone is delivering a number of offices to offices scattered across the country explosive letters and parcels, asking for the payment of a figure not better specified in Bitcoin to put an end to his insane work. The first ones were identified in January, while reports have multiplied in the last few days. Fortunately, in no case were there injured.

Send explosive packages asking for Bitcoin: the case in Holland

Last month i recipients they were a real estate agent, a car dealer, a gas station and two hotels. Detonation was never achieved thanks to the timely intervention of the police who intercepted them before they were delivered. Yesterday, however, it was the turn of an Amsterdam branch of the ABN Amro bank and a mail-handling center managed by the Japanese group Ricoh in the city of Kerkrade, on the border with Germany. Today at an office of the ING banking institution in the capital (the only one exploded, but without causing injuries) and another of the Unisys company near Utrecht.

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One of the explosive packages sent to Holland

Although apparently there is no connection either on the invoice of the parcels or on the way of labeling them, the police suggest that the entire Dutch population should pay particular attention to those who have a white casing with two stamps as in theimage above. Sometimes they are accompanied by a piece of paper with the return address inserted in a glued plastic bag.

It is not the first time that criminal actions perpetrated in order to pocket Bitcoin or others criptovalute they go beyond the borders of the digital world to stretch their shadow into the real one. On these pages we wrote last year about several cases of kidnapping carried out with completely similar methods and purposes.

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