Huawei's 5G technology licensed to US operators?

Huawei is not in a position to provide directly to US operators the infrastructure needed to set up the networks 5G, but the Chinese giant seems to be intending to take another route with the aim of not being completely excluded from the US market: the one that passes from the licensing of the technology.

5G: from Huawei a license for US operators?

This was confirmed by Vincent Pang, Senior Vice President and member of the company's board of directors, who spoke on the Reuters pages during a visit to Washington over the weekend. A possible handshake is not in any case around the corner. Agreements of this type could not be frowned upon by the overseas Department of Commerce, which in recent months has included Huawei in the Entity List, effectively preventing US organizations from signing agreements with the Shenzhen group due to fears related to the national security. These are Pang's words.

There are some companies we are talking to and it may take a long journey before we can finalize something. They showed interest.

For the US operators currently the alternative to Huawei is the one that passes from relying on European suppliers such as Ericsson is Nokia, But with considerably higher expenses. Being able to act on your own after having acquired one license from Huawei, so as to be able to use hardware and software technologies to be allocated to 5G networks, it would therefore be a prospect considered by some.

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Ren Zhengfei, founder and CEO of the Chinese company, spoke of the possibility in the past few months without giving details. We will return to talking about the issue soon: November 19th will be the umpteenth extension of 90 days to ban, granted by the United States in August.

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