Huawei relaunches on Glass: a new device is ready

Huawei relaunches in the world of "glass": where many seem to want to pull the oars in the boat, in the wake of a market that does not rise for many reasons, the Chinese group instead raises the stakes by pouring its technology and its innovative potential in a new one Huawei VR Glass ready to land on the eastern market.

An investment that is not destined to remain the only one of its kind, however: various indications suggest the possibility of a VR viewer also coming from Cupertino, scheduled for 2020. Huawei is moving forward, in short, and with increasing competition is also intended to speed up the rate of innovation in this specific sector. Something is about to change, in short.

Huawei VR Glass

To this end, Huawei has chosen a standalone solution, without the adaptation of smartphones on face support: nothing that has anything to do with groups such as Samsung or HTC, in short, but real virtual reality glasses with of ergonomic and lightweight chassis, innovative high-definition lenses (1058ppi with 3200 × 1600 definition) and project designed also for those with visual defects to be corrected during reproduction.

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The Chinese group brings the new Glass to the market at the price of 2999 Yuan (something like 380 euros) with availability starting in December: the possibility of a European marketing of the device is unknown at the moment.

Huawei VR Glass

Huawei VR Glass (from GizmoChina)

The features of the device are in the forefront in every respect and the group also promises 30,000 hours of accessible video to ensure that the purchase of the device does not mean being confronted with the umpteenth utility-free object. In short, Huawei does not give up: virtual reality must not remain a chimera without market outlets, but instead has much to express. It then starts again from VR Glass, from China and from a brand that has many arrows to its bow.

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