Huawei Italia opens new offices in Rome: today the inauguration

The new headquarters of Huawei Italy to Rome. Today the inauguration in the presence of the mayor of the capital. An expansion that comes in the fifteenth year of the group's presence in our country. The stated objective of theInnovation Experience and Competence Center, so the structure was christened, is to bring together companies, startups and PAs in the name of collaboration and synergy.

New offices in Rome for Huawei Italy

Inside there is an area set up with the technologies for the smart city in which it is possible to see first hand the solutions developed by the company for this purpose: from real-time traffic management to transport optimizations, from climate and environmental monitoring to health care, without forgetting energy, waste, emergency situations, etc. Another area is dedicated to 5G with demos to test the potential of the latest generation mobile networks in its various application areas: from the industrial sector to multimedia content streaming, without forgetting virtual and augmented reality.

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The mayor Virginia Raggi in the new Huawei offices in Rome

These are the words of Thomas Miao, CEO of Huawei Italia, pictured above alongside the mayor Virginia Raggi and of Li Junhua, ambassador of the People's Republic of China in Italy.

The inauguration of a new office responds to the desire to open the doors to operators and public and private companies to learn about and experience first-hand the innovations and ICT solutions with which we propose to contribute to creating a smart, people-centered smart nation , balanced and safe. Within the new offices in Rome, our Innovation Experience and Competence Center aims to be an infrastructure available to businesses, startups and public administrations and to represent an example of collaboration with the entire ecosystem of the country, under the banner of openness and transparency.

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