Huawei doubles its October salary: employee bonuses

Despite the ban of the US and some no received internationally for the adoption of the proposed 5G technology, the business of Huawei continues to grow, as the financial results of the last quarterly report also demonstrate. For this reason the Chinese giant has decided to reward its approx 194,000 employees employed in 170 countries globally, doubling their October salary.

A generous bonus for Huawei employees

This is what we learn from the pages of Nikkei Asian Review, even if an official communication has not been confirmed. A bonus recognized to all collaborators of Huawei and its subsidiaries with a "performance rating higher than C" and "without breaches of information security". At the engineers an extra $ 14,000 extra. Thus says a note circulated in society.

In 2019 the company and its employees had to, and still must, face external challenges that are not ordinary. With the president's approval, a special dedication prize will be paid.

The Japanese newspaper also states that Huawei's personnel recruiting new staff would have proposed to journalists by Reuters, Bloomberg and other US newsrooms a job within the group: up to over $ 200,000 for top positions in the public relations.

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Meanwhile, the tug of war between the United States and the Shenzhen giant continues, which for the moment remains in Entity List of Washington. On the eve of the November 19 deadline which should mark the definitive entry into force of the ban, except for further extensions. However, the overseas Department of Commerce has recently confirmed its intention to issue new temporary licenses to allow American companies to collaborate with the group. To understand if one will end up in Google's hands: it will be necessary to continue to provide its services related to Android on Huawei's smartphones.

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