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iOS 13 it's here. Here we are, starting now – at 7 pm in Italy – the first can be downloaded on all compatible iPhones stable release of the brand new operating system of the bitten apple. Here's how to proceed and check compatibility. All the features of the new Cupertino operating system are summarized here.

iOS 13 is available for download

The most important thing to do before proceeding to the important update is to check that your smartphone is compatible with the update: the complete list is available here:

The comprehensive range of new iPhone 11 (EUR 889.00) iPhone 11 Pro (EUR 1,189.00) is iPhone 11 Pro Max (EUR 1,289.00), obviously, the new version of the operating system will arrive on the market in the coming days.

Next, make sure you have done a backup of all important information within the device: if something does not go the right way during the update procedure, there would be no danger of losing data. The backup will restore the smartphone as it was before the update.

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Devices compatible with iOS 13

Devices compatible with iOS 13

Now that you are sure you have an iPhone 13 compatible with iOS 13 and a recent backup, you can proceed with the update downloading it directly from the smartphone settings, here is where it is allocated:

settings – general – software update

We advise you to proceed only when you are under the cover of a non-consumable WiFi network (the updates weigh a lot in terms of GB) and you will have the possibility to connect the smartphone to an electric power source so as to avoid the risk of the battery being discharged during the procedure.

Attention, moreover: a first update is expected within a few days to solve a security problem identified in the 13.0 release: with the 13.1 the bug will be solved and does not represent in any way an obstacle to the immediate updating of the device.

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