How to download videos from Facebook in the simplest way

I will explain, step by step, how to download videos from the most popular social network .. from your computer and from any Android and iPhone mobile platform.

How to download video from Facebook
How to download video from Facebook

Lets say it’s your turn to celebrate one of the Christmas parties in your home and you’ve seen on Facebook, on some fanpage awesome recipes, the ideal dish that will leave your guests alienated with pleasure. The ideal is to save that video because if the day you have to put to cook, you have to search among all the recipes…and probably you will lose a lot of time and, who knows, maybe you will not find it.

I will show you how to download Facebook videos in a very simple way from your computer, from Android and from iPhone as well. Obviously not only for cooking recipes, but for any video that posted on the social network.

Download videos from Facebook without any special app

There is an easy way to download Facebook videos without any program or application.

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Step 1. First we have to select the video that we want to download.

How to download video from Facebook
Facebook Video

I chose the video like in the picture above, here is the URL of the video:

Step 2: Go to, then paste the previously copied address into the field below and then press the “Start” button

How to download video from Facebook

Step 3: Your video from facebook is ready to be downloaded, right click and select “Save as”, then select the place on the computer disk to save the video.

How to download video from Facebook
Facebook Comments


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