How to block tracking by Google, Yahoo and Bing search engines

All popular search engines collect data about us, create records of the search terms we are searching for and gather information about the search results we choose. However, we can deal with this through a special extension to Chrome and Firefox, thanks to which we will maintain privacy and anonymity.

In theory, the information collected by the search engines on our topic is to better match results or even display more relevant ads. In practice, however, everyone does not like the fact that we collect any information about us and save our every step on the web. Especially that the phrases searched by us are the best testimony of what kind of materials we are looking for in the internet.

We protect our privacy in search engines

Securing our privacy will help the “extension” called “Disconnect Search”, which is available for Chrome and Firefox. The add-on blocks the recording of information about us using proxy servers that allow anonymous search in Google, Yahoo and Bingu. Of course, the search is carried out without logging in to any accounts on these sites, and no records are created based on our real IP address or other personal data.

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However, this is not all – not everyone knows, but our ISP (Internet access provider) also in theory has the ability to see the phrases we search for. In this case, “Disconnect Search” also finds use, because it encrypts our search, so that even our provider is unable to check what we were looking for.

How to use Disconnect Search?

Let’s check the Disonnect Search activity based on the Chrome browser. After installing the extension, a pop-up menu will be added to the right of the address bar, which reveals a small window with the search box.

We find here a place to enter the search phrase, as well as icons, thanks to which we can choose which search engine we want to use. Enter the search phrase, mark Google, Yahoo, Binga, DuckDuckGo or Blekko, then hit “Enter”. The entire search process will be passed through an encrypted connection to proxy servers and no information about us will be saved.

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What’s more, the extension is not only secure and guarantees us anonymity. It is also incredibly convenient, because the search panel can be ejected anywhere on any page. From one place, we gain access to all popular search engines without having to go to individual pages.

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