Horizon is the world in virtual reality of Facebook and Oculus

The blue social network continues to bet on virtual reality, despite the initiatives so far put in place do not seem to have been able to achieve the desired success: it does so with the announcement of Facebook Horizon, a VR world which promises endless possibilities to those who want to take part. Someone said Ready Player One?

Facebook Horizon, a VR world

The debut is set for the beginning of next year with the start of a phase closed beta. Those interested in participating can immediately request an invitation through the official website. The project recalls Second Life, but unlike what happens with the latter in Horizon, every experience will be lived from a subjective point of view, wearing a viewer. It will be possible to draw your own Avatar, participate in collective activities such as watching a film, move instantly from one point to another on the map through the so-called Telepods and share multiplayer gaming sessions.

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Facebook Horizon

In view of Horizon's debut, Facebook has announced that October 25 will end its activity Spaces (launched in 2016) and that of Oculus Rooms (introduced in 2017). Both initiatives do not seem to have been up to expectations.

The style of the world of Horizon will be intentionally colored, similar in some ways to that of the videogame series The Sims. It will be largely customizable, so as to offer users a wide freedom of action in creating both virtual objects and activities to be performed solo or in the company of other avatars. All in full compliance with the policy established.

The concept of "personal space" is interesting: everyone can establish a minimum distance around himself within which others will not be able to access. On the occasion of the announcement, on the stage of the Oculus Connect 6 event, it also went up Mark Zuckerberg. We do not struggle to imagine that in the virtual world there will be place billboards and advertising posters, thus generating a new source of revenue for the Menlo Park group.

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