Here is the Samsung device for augmented reality

It is not just Apple and Facebook that have put a wearable device on the site augmented reality: there is also Samsung, according to what a patent filed by the company at the beginning of February by the South Korean institution KIPRIS (Korea Intellectual Property Rights Information Service) reveals, but only discovered in the last few days by the editing of the Galaxy Club site.

Samsung's wearable AR device

As can be seen from the two images attached to this article, a 3D render and a diagram, the design is located halfway between that of a viewer and that of a couple of glasses. Certain the presence of two displays, positioned in front of both eyes. Below you can clearly see the presence of a cable that runs along the mount, but it is not given to know if it is the connection to a mobile device for data exchange or if its purpose is exclusively to recharge the internal battery.

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A draft for the design of the Samsung device dedicated to augmented reality

It is therefore not to be excluded that Samsung is planning to focus on the territory AR, after trying without getting the desired results to say its own in the field of virtual reality: the latest version of the Gear VR viewer dates back to 2017 and the flagship Galaxy Note10 unveiled this year is the first top of the range of the group not to offer compatibility. Something very similar to what happened at Google, with bigG that coincided with the announcement of the new one Pixel 4 has decided to confirm the abandonment of the Daydream project.

No additional information is currently available regarding the device. It cannot be excluded that it may be presented at the beginning of next year during Mobile World Congress 2020 which among other things will see the announcement of the Galaxy S11. Unlike what happens with the most recent evolution of Glass and with HoloLens it should be a product intended for the consumer segment rather than the professional one.

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