here are the routers for Wi-Fi meshes for the home

Not only Alexa, not just Echo: in its event full of ads, in fact, Amazon has reserved space for devices too eero for the Wi-Fi mesh: it is an absolute debut in our country after the recent acquisition of the company, something that is well integrated with what Alexa wants to be in the domestic environment and above all a new nth device of the Amazon range ready to enter the daily life of people .

eero: Wi-Fi mesh at home

Our mission, in eero, is to ensure that domestic technology ssimply functions. We share this commitment with Amazon and are excited to be officially part of the Amazon family. Thanks to the new eero devices and the recent expansion in Europe, we are carrying out this mission, so that more and more customers can experience the magic of a simple and reliable Wi-Fi at home.

Nick Weaver, co-founder and CEO of eero

The group presents itself with these words in our country, opening new competition in the market of home router. Thanks to eero, in fact, it will be possible to develop wireless networks between their rooms without signal interruptions, covering the various environments with "mesh" logic (the connection points can be connected to each other, creating a true mesh of nodes) and without therefore leave areas without access.

Wi-Fi mesh

Wi-Fi mesh

How does it work?

The Amazon idea is to offer everything with the maximum simplicity of operation: buy, turn on and connect, all in just a few minutes. Very few connection procedures are necessary, making sure that everything can be automatic and simplified to the extreme to democratize access to this type of technology. The Pro version adds more options and more coverage, allowing a further extension of the network and more options for managing it.

Eero's TrueMesh software offers the possibility to add all the necessary devices to guarantee coverage without signal interruptions, in every home. TrueMesh maintains connections between devices, optimizes data routing and intelligently routes traffic to avoid congestion, buffering and signal interruptions. In this way, a better Wi-Fi experience is guaranteed throughout the house. Furthermore, on average once a month, the eero software automatically installs updates with new features, thus ensuring continuous system improvement.

Giving a maximum coverage in the home means having Alexa devices always connected, it means having a video surveillance system connected, it means having a TV easily connected in streaming: the network is the base of a smart home and with eero, therefore, Amazon does nothing but simplify the process to extend the number of users who can easily access content and services of the same group. It should in fact be remembered that at the same time the group also announced the following devices:

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Among the promises of the group there is not only the simplicity of the installation, but also the safety of the network in place: encryption of the transmitted data, WPA-2 encryption for the connection of the devices to the network and protection with single-use code of one's own profile represent three barriers useful to guarantee the full security of one's home network from the prying eyes of third-party users.

How much?

Eero can be purchased in two ways: single or bundled by three units. Although the purchase of a single model is clearly the least expensive option, it is with multiple purchase that the potential of the mesh network is made explicit: it is sufficient to bring the routers to strategic points of the house to ensure maximum coverage for the environments and full device connectivity in every corner. According to Amazon, only one eero is able to cover about 140 square meters (quantification that largely depends on the type of structure in which the coverage takes place), while the three-unit bundle is able to cover up to 460 square meters (with maximum utility in multi-storey houses).

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These are the prices to access the product:

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