Here are the new Intel Xeon W Series and Core X series CPUs

They are intended for workstations and high-end desktop PCs i new processors announced today by Intel. These are the units that become part of the Xeon W and Core X series catalogs.

Intel Xeon W series and Intel Core X series: the news

Among the most interesting features is the acceleration of artificial intelligence applications with technology Deep Learning Boost: the declared performances improve by 2.2 times compared to the previous generation. Then there is the system Turbo Boost Max 3.0 to help the most demanding software (such as simulation and modeling) to process content faster by giving priority to the fastest cores available. The market debut is scheduled for November.

The series Xeon W-2200 that with features like ECC and Intel vPro support gives a nod to professional content creators, consists of eight models: W-2295, W-2275, W-2265, W-2255, W-2245, W-2235, W -2225 and W-2223. THE prices ranging from 294 to 1,333 dollars at launch.

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Intel Core i9, X series

The so-called prosumers, but also those who work, are turned to the renewed series X which has among its strengths the possibilities offered in terms of overclocking: i9-10980XE, i9-10940X, i9-10920X and i9-10900X deal with photographic editing as well as video games, without forgetting 3D animations and document management. To report the system Performance Maximizer which dynamically adjusts the configuration parameters so as to obtain the maximum in every area. In this case the expense ranges from 590 to 979 dollars for the 18 core variant.

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