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Failed: not only do Italians no longer read, they also begin to suffer serious problems in learning and the simple understanding of a written text. The ruling comes from the OECD-PISA 2018 report where, numbers in hand, the Italians appear to have below-average performance with serious problems especially in understanding texts.

The reasons? Many and serious: they are in the school as well as in the families, but above all in the habit rooted in a quick and superficial reading that does not fit either social media or print media. Reading is in fact a sacred good, because it represents the moment in which information is internalized, properly archived, metabolized, happens. The consequence of this situation is a dangerous one functional illiteracy, a sort of return illiteracy that does not prevent us from reading, but from understanding.

So why not give a good book for Christmas? Novels, autobiographies, fantasy, everything is fine. Digital (Kindle is still in discount) or paper, it does not matter. Giving reading, however, is a gesture of affection that does not take place both towards a single person, but towards an entire society. Towards a generation that otherwise risks an involution.

A book for Christmas

Reading, regardless of what, as a commitment and projection towards a more mature, better ego. A book as an innovative gift, as an evolutionary sign. Some advice, just to take a path of choice in this direction:

Native Advertising: the new advertising

This book describes the extraordinary revolution taking place that is transforming online advertising into "native" advertising, that is based on content relevant to the user and perfectly integrated into the editorial context. Through market data, best practices, case studies and interviews, the book helps advertisers, publishers, agencies and professionals to understand how to best use these new advertising formats.

Content Marketing. Promote, seduce and sell with content

The battle of attention is won with the contents, through which to reach and stimulate the interest of potential customers. At a time when traditional media is losing ground to digital apps and media, each company / organization has the opportunity to become a publisher, producing and editing its own content: texts, videos, infographics and much more. (…) Strategies, recommendations for a correct editorial plan and best practices of companies and professionals make this volume a program to be applied immediately.

LinkedIn. Work, career and new clients

This book is designed to give practical support to the use of a social network that today is increasingly a place of professional confrontation, training, personal branding. Creating quality content becomes strategic, like having a constantly updated profile, to show your skills day after day. Thanks to the ability to share visual content, posts and targeted information, LinkedIn is a perfect tool for your marketing strategy and to find new customers, as well as to position yourself as you wish. It is no longer a question of "finding" a job, but of enhancing your skills.

The Onlife Manifesto

What is the impact of information and communication technologies (ICTs) on the human condition? In order to address this question, in 2012 the European Commission organized a research project entitled The Onlife Initiative: concept reengineering for rethinking societal concerns in the digital transition. This volume collects the work of the Onlife Initiative. It explores how the development and widespread use of ICTs have a radical impact on the human condition.

Black Mirror. I'm not here

What would we do if a tablet allowed us to monitor every single action of our child around the clock via a screen? How would we behave if we were offered the opportunity to recreate the love of our life that died prematurely in flesh and software? The questions raised by the series created by Charlie Brooker make us tremble, but perhaps the most disturbing fact is that "Black Mirror", promoted on Netflix as a science fiction story, frightens us more for the revealing look on our present than for its capacity to foresee the future.


We will not be the ones to give you advice on this, but at this link you can find a long series of essays, insights, stories and more for those who want to deepen the theme. Alternatively, here is simply our special Bitcoin, a mere starting point before investing.

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Vita 3.0. Being human in the age of artificial intelligence

How will artificial intelligence affect crime, justice, employment, society and the very meaning of being human? How can we increase our prosperity through automation without people losing income or a goal? What advice should we give to today's children for their future career? Should we fear an arms race with autonomous lethal weapons?

Feel free, in the comments, to suggest further titles: good ideas wanted, Christmas is coming!

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