He laundered 300 million dirty money in Bitcoin, arrested

Larry Harmon, 36, from Akron (Ohio), ended up in handcuffs on charges of running one darknet addicted to money laundering originating from activities such as drug trafficking and scams conducted worldwide. Helix, this is the name of the service, it would have remained operational from 2014 to 2017, cleaning up approximately overall $ 300 million through operations carried out with the use of Bitcoin.

Money laundering and Bitcoin: the Helix case

According to a statement released by the US Department of Justice, federal agents have identified links with the AlphaBay marketplace closed almost three years ago now. A partnership structured to offer Helix's services to its customers digital black market, also through a real advertising campaign launched on the search engine Grams accessible via Tor. According to investigators, Harmon also controlled this platform.

It is not known what the amount of the sentence will be if the accused is found guilty. The charges are in any case serious: among these money laundering and conducting a business for the movement of funds without a license. The transaction was conducted in partnership with the authorities of belize.

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In doing so, the United States intends to send a strong signal to those willing to leverage the anonymity that characterizes the transactions of some cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin for illicit trafficking. On these same pages we have written in recent months of how a worrying new phenomenon is taking hold in the Dark Web: the sale of dirty money to buy at a reduced price (up to a tenth of the value) by putting a hand to the virtual wallet.

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