government phishing scam for $ 2.6 million

It turned out to be enough just one email to unduly subtract $ 2.6 million at the public coffers of the Puerto Rico. The scam took place last month, but its victims realized what happened only this week, according to what was revealed by the authorities who took over the investigations. FBI agents are also alerted.

Puerto Rico: $ 2.6 million phishing scam

Someone within the government's Industrial Development Company agency received a message asking them to change the coordinates of a bank account towards which to carry out the payment (it is not known with what reason), then actually performed on 17 January.

The hope is now to be able to trace the recipient of the transaction and thus get to the authors of the gesture, cataloged as one of the most successful actions of recent times. Although this is not a fraud aimed at getting your hands on data or credentials, it can be cataloged among the cases of phishing.

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Also started ainternal investigation to attribute responsibilities and to understand if there have been negligences or if something has not worked properly in the application of standard procedures. The country's institutions are also faced with the legitimate reaction of public opinion, incredulous at the news. A story that risks further burdening the climate that reigns in the territory (an unincorporated US state of 3.2 million inhabitants), already affected by a recession over 13 years that has pushed its leaders to cut some public services.

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