Google updates Android TV with the arrival of Android 10

Considering how TV manufacturers have resumed turning out premium models based on Android TV, not surprisingly Google's renewed commitment to better support the platform. Today the operating system receives theupdating official ad Android 10: the changelog refers to steps forward in terms of performance and security, but without any change to the interface.

Android 10: update for Android TV

To make the announcement more interesting, however, is another thing: the Mountain View group is working on what is called "the next generation of Android TV". An evolution not only with regards to the software, but with important innovations also on the hardware front. Google itself has already put a small one in the works set-top box with the following specifications: quad core processor with ARM Cortex A53 architecture, 2 GB of DDR3 RAM, compatibility with 4K resolution HDR output with a frequency of 60 fps through an HDMI 2.1 slot.

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The ADT-3 box from Google with Android TV

As you can see in the image above the device is accompanied by a TV remote with a rather simple and minimalist style that in the center from the position layout a button to activate theGoogle Assistant. The device is not intended for sale, but starting in the coming months it may be requested by the developers involved in the implementation and testing of applications intended for the Android TV platform.

Recently rumors have circulated about the possible arrival in 2020 of a "Made by Google" set-top box with native support for the cloud gaming of the Stadia platform. The whole thing is obviously at the moment to be labeled as rumor and to be taken with pliers.

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