Google Titan Security Key available in Italy

The "Titan" security keys, distributed by Google, are now also available in Italy. The arrival on the European market was last August and the distribution also had to deal with a small security problem that was quickly addressed and overcome. Now everything is ready for final international distribution and Italy is among the first countries covered by the release.

Google Titan Security Key: how much do they cost?

The Titan Security Key Google are available for purchase on the Google Store. Two possibilities of purchase, with two different prices:

  • USB-C security token (45 euros)
  • Titan security token set (55 euros), consisting of the combination of a Bluetooth stick and a USB stick

The USB-C option is "available shortly", while the Titan set proves to be more versatile by virtue of the greater opportunities offered and the possibility of having one of the two keys always with you (knowing that one can stay at home or in the office).

Google Titan Security Key

The USB-C solution is best suited for mobile use on new generation devices, so it can be a good bet for the long run. In this case, it will be necessary to simply wait a few weeks for the full availability of the key to be made official on the store.

Titan Security Key: what are they for?

Titan security tokens are two-factor authentication devices (2FA) resistant to phishing that help protect high-level users, such as IT administrators and managers. Titan security tokens are compatible with the most popular devices and browsers and with an ever-expanding ecosystem of applications that support FIDO standard. They integrate a hardware chip that includes a firmware developed by Google for checking the integrity of the token.

With these words, Google explains its Security Key from a technical point of view, but the operation is even more complex. The security of the system developed by Google, in fact, is also based on the analysis of the available data, for example being able to understand if the request for access to an account takes place in different areas than those usually visited by the user, or on a new device compared to the canonical ones.

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This allows you to prevent an attacker from attempting to access an account if not in the vicinity of the user and perhaps on his or her own devices, elements that must be kept under eye with other systems more suitable for the "physical" world than for that "digital".

FIDO security tokens ensure the most effective account protection against automated bots, collective phishing and targeted attacks, because they use public key cryptography to verify the identity of a user and the URL of the login page, so that an attacker cannot access the account even after inadvertently providing a username and password.

Our proof

Our editorial team has been testing Security Keys for a couple of years now. The utility has always been relative since we have rarely had to deal with off-site work or on devices that are not our property and exclusive use. However, when it has happened, the feeling obtained is that of great security: suddenly the system requires the adoption of the security key and it is sufficient to insert it and put your finger on the appropriate sensor (often and gladly we have adopted the USB solution) to obtain a immediate response.

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The process is reduced to the extreme, without authorization or anything else. A simple initial installation recognizes the USB Security Key on the host computer and the identity certification it's just a matter of seconds. At that point, the key can be stored again since the entire session will no longer require any authentication.

Titan Security Key - USB

If nothing else, as a personal security education tool, Titan Security Keys prove to be useful tools and capable of shielding possible attacks on fundamental accounts such as Google.

Titan security tokens are compatible with the most popular devices and browsers and with an ever-expanding ecosystem of services that support FIDO standards. A security token can be used to log in to various professional and / or personal services.

To find out which other online services use the same authentication system, simply visit thededicated page, where the user is also invited to let the services that are not yet compatible know that they would like more support to make security a collective standard and not just a personal option. Solutions are also available on the square Yubico, group more than once in controversy with Google for the fact that Mountain View solutions would be "made in China" and for this reason less secure than their own.

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