Google talks on Hangouts only

Reduce contacts as much as possible, at least until the emergency coronavirus will not be returned allowing a return to normal. For this purpose today Google announces that all their own job interviews in the world they will be conducted remotely, using tools such as Hangouts or the third party solution BlueJeans.

Considering the coronavirus and to protect the health of our candidates as well as that of those who examine them, all future Google talks will be conducted virtually globally through Hangouts or BlueJeans in the countries where it is available.

Google: Hangouts talks for the coronavirus

Confirmation in an email circulated internally to the company and viewed by the editorial staff of The Verge website. It is the umpteenth initiative adopted by the Mountain View group to guarantee the safety of its employees (current and potential) as well as that of public health. In this regard, remaining on coronavirus, in recent days the company has announced the cancellation of events like Cloud Next '20 and I / O 2020. Scheduled for the beginning of April and the second week of May respectively, both will only be streamed and not in their form physics more traditional.

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Google talks on Hangouts for fear of coronavirus

Staying on the subject, to meet the needs of users in this moment of difficulty, bigG has made the functionality available for free Meet of Hangouts and some premium features of G Suite until 1 July, precisely with the aim of allowing companies, professionals and students to access useful tools for smart working or remote teaching without any expense.

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