Google subtitles also in Chrome

We have chosen an exceptional testimonial (the protagonist of the Hide the Pain Harold meme) for the images attached to this article, with the aim of showing how the technology works Live Caption developed by Google and already seen in action on the smartphones of the Pixel line with Android 10. Apparently it could also make its debut within Chrome, in the desktop version of the browser.

Live Caption in the Chrome browser

For those not aware of it, it is a system capable of generating and visualizing subtitles in real time when playing content, especially video. For now it only works correctly with the English language, but we do not doubt that a rollout with extended support is in the pipeline so that it can reach a wider pool of users. It can be useful both for those who suffer from hearing problems and to better understand what is pronounced in a clip if you are in a noisy environment.

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Hide the Pain Harold in his speech on the TEDx stage

References to a technology have been identified in the Chromium project repository automatic transcription of speech (speech on-device API), thus leaving to hypothesize a forthcoming integration of the feature in Chrome or alternatively in the Chrome OS operating system.

We remember that processing takes place locallytherefore not consuming data traffic. On smartphones, however, it weighs on battery life, so much so that the functionality is automatically deactivated when you enter the energy saving mode. At the moment there are no details on the timing for a possible debut.

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