Google Stream Transfer to move content playback

With the launch of the first Chromecast, dating back to the now distant 2013, the goal of Google was to simplify the use of multimedia content in the home. He did it initially with an HDMI dongle capable of turning any TV into a smart TV, and then more recently leveraging the artificial intelligence of its virtual assistant by integrating it into speakers and displays. Today the Mountain View group announces a new step that goes in the same direction: technology arrives Stream Transfer.

Google announces Stream Transfer

As you can already guess from the name it is a system that allows you to move content playback from one device to another of the house, immediately and through a simple voice command (or a tap). It can be useful for example when listening to streaming music as well as with podcasts, videos, movies or TV series episodes. All you have to do is say: "Ok Google, move the music on the speaker in the living room" or "Hey Google, play it on the TV in the living room" after finding a video on YouTube interacting with the screen of a smart display.

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The rollout of the Stream Transfer feature starts today and immediately affects all devices in the Chromecast family, those Home and Nest Hub, globally. Among the compatible applications at first even YouTube Music, YouTube and Spotify.

The announcement comes less than a week away from the event that will see bigG announce important news: on October 15 smartphones will be presented Pixel 4 and in all probability the Pixelbook 2 with Chrome OS. The arrival of a new one cannot be ruled out either Chromecasts and a renewed version for the smart speaker Home more compact, improved in design and in the audio sector.

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