Google paid 6.5 million in 2019

Tracking down bugs, vulnerabilities and security issues to remedy them in a timely manner is a priority for Google, so as to ensure the correct functioning of the products offered and the protection of the information managed. The Mountain View group is aware of the fact that it cannot do everything by itself: for this reason for several years now it has offered cash rewards to those who report a flaw through the Vulnerability Reward Program.

Google's investments in Vulnerability Reward Programs

To this end, in 2019 they came out of the bigG coffers beyond 6.5 million dollars, almost double compared to 3.4 million in 2018. Of these, 2.1 million were intended for those who made known a problem regarding the services related to Google's online ecosystem, 1.9 million for the Android one, 1 , 0 million for the Chrome browser and 0.8 million for the Google Play platform.

We paid over $ 6.5 million in rewards, doubling the amount never recognized in a single year. At the same time, our researchers have decided to donate the record sum of $ 500,000 to charity this year: five times more than the previous one donated in just one year.

Google's spending on finding and fixing bugs

Still referring to 2019, there are 461 i researchers to which one has been attributed reward, the most important in economic terms from 201,000 dollars (it is not known for which bug).

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