Google Maps Incognito mode coming soon: how it works

One of the news announced by bigG at the May / 2019 I / O event is the one related to Incognito mode for Google Maps. A feature that has not yet been seen, but which seems to be close to large-scale rollout. Some members of the group engaged in the testing phase are now revealing it, through the always well-informed editing of the Android Police website.

Google Maps: Incognito mode arrives

The operation is the one shown by the official animation attached below: the user can activate the mode with a simple tap on the profile picture of his account in Maps, then selecting the appropriate item. This activates an additional level of protection for the privacy, avoiding that the application can record information related to geolocation, to the routes traveled by following the directions and to the destinations searched. In short, a bit like it has been for a long time for the Chrome browser.

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Incognito mode for non-Chrome applications

Once the Incognito mode is activated, a horizontal bar is displayed at the top of the screen to notify it. It is obviously possible to deactivate it at any time. Apparently the novelty will immediately affect the version of the application (starting from release 10.26) accessible through the infotainment systems of cars based on Android Auto. The large-scale rollout, therefore, should not be far for everyone.

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