Google Earth compatible with browsers other than Chrome

Almost nine years after launch, the platform Google Earth today takes an important step forward as regards its accessibility: it can be visited via browser even with software other than Chrome. The Mountain View team, which reports official support for Microsoft's Edge, reports this. Firefox by Mozilla e Opera. It is likely that others will be added to the list soon.

Google Earth in browsers other than Chrome

To date the use of Earth an exclusive of Chrome has been the choice to adopt Native Client (and not a standard) as a technology on which to base the service, so as to allow the execution of the code originally written in C ++ for the desktop client (now abandoned) within the navigation software. The transition to WebAssembly, at the end of a test phase which lasted about six months, made it possible to extend its compatibility.

The list is still missing Safari, but according to bigG the responsibility is to be attributed to Apple: it is up to the bitten apple to offer better support to WebGL2.

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Staying on topic, Google recently collected in asingle interface online 1,000 of the most spectacular and suggestive images present on Earth, freely available for download for those who want to use them as a desktop wallpaper or for other purposes. One is the one visible in the opening, others in the streaming video above.

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