Google Duo now available on the desktop!

The end of Google Allo was announced in December last year, apparently Google believes in the future of video communication, not only on smartphones, but also on desktops.

google duo

Admittedly, this is the right decision, Google Duo works great on smartphones, faster, more stable and with better quality (adapts to the speed of the link), and the smooth switching of the cellular network / WiFi makes it a much better solution from Skype. Skype sucks, sorry for the term, both on the desktop and on mobile devices. Google Duo with a minimum of functions works fine in all conditions.

Today, the desktop version appeared, unlike Google Allo, you do not need to pair with your phone by scanning the QR code, just be logged in and launch the messenger page – so you can start using it right away by choosing numbers from the synchronized contact list with the communicator on the phone. You can only make voice calls and video calls.

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No other goodies, additions and improvements can be found here, in the settings you can only activate the function knock, knock, ie the visibility on the screen of our character before answering, microphone and camera settings, preview of blocked users and call register. That’s it, I invite you for testing!

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