Google and Verily against Coronavirus

Trump has perhaps found its own "exit way" from the problem of Coronavirus. In fact, the President of the United States had remained with his back to the wall since one day before he denied the importance of the epidemic and the next day he found it at home with the "pandemic" label. The way out is called Alphabet: The United States, which left extremely late in the fight against Coronavirus, could now begin a path of containment of the contagion based on a strategy that directly brings up the Mountain View structures.

Alphabet: Google and Verily, anti-contagion weapons

What remains to be understood is the "how", given that at the moment everything appears more as a set of proclamations than as a truly structured strategy.

Google's role could be twofold: on the one hand there is the "Web" front, where the group would be working to create an informative site that can act as a point of reference for all citizens affected or worried by the virus; on the other there is the Verily front, the Alphabet branch involved in the world of health, where there may be aspects more directly related to the coordination of the analyzes, the swabs and the results related to the flows of the infection.

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Trump in his presentation proclaimed the commitment of 1700 Google engineers on this project, although at the moment it is not clear what they are doing and why. Based on what has been explained (without any technical details), the site would act as an initial screening, a sort of online triage that starts from the symptoms felt by users: in the event that the answers suggest some real possibility of infection, the site would guide the user towards the screening facilities and test laboratories. Confirmation of Alphabet's deep involvement in this regard comes directly from CEO Sundar Pichai, who explains that both Verily and Google will be heavily challenged in this race against time.

Could the United States do it first? Definitely. Could the United States do better? Definitely. At the same time, Trump seems to want to show off his decision-making here too, by announcing investments of $ 50 billion in various tests and partnerships with the business world.

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"I am officially declaring a national emergency, two very important wordsTrump announced with the stars and stripes flag behind him. The President wanted to reassure his citizens after many states had already declared the emergency for days and many large companies had already closed their doors as a precaution. Trump once again trusts in his own security and tries to broadcast it live on television, but fears are now on the timing: as indicated, half a million tests are ready to arrive in the monitoring centers and a large number of funds will be made available of health to be able to act in a coordinated way in containment.

In short, "Uncle Sam" is ready to bring out the heavy artillery as soon as he realizes he has underestimated the enemy. The problem is that the enemy is already at home, is well hidden and is very quick.

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