GoDaddy, 11 free webinars for SMEs and startups

Do you have an idea, have you prepared a business model and are you ready to bring all the energy of your project online? So now begins the most delicate phase of the process, namely grounding: the idea, to become reality, needs analysis, competence, study, evaluations. GoDaddy, a group that has great experience in this sector after accompanying millions of users towards the meeting with their ideal domain name, wanted to make available to all nascent Startups and SMEs a online webinar cycle – free and open – which, once a month, will allow you to refine your knowledge on the crucial obstacles to face.

The first webinar starts today at 3 pm and can be followed on this page.

Company blog: if yes, how?

The first goal facing users: "Increase brand awareness (and visits) with a corporate blog". In short: should the company simply produce or must it also communicate its product? Do you have to simply communicate your product or do you have to learn to tell yourself? How can a company communicate using the corporate blog tool? What relationship is there between the corporate site and the blog?

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The webinar will see a rapid succession among the advice of Benedetto Motisi and questions from the public, trying to understand how to better organize communication to the outside world as well as the organization of an SEO-Oriented communication plan (imagined, designed and created for search engines).

How can a user today recognize your service or your product among thousands more that the Net offers? How can it perceive the added value of your brand if you don't tell it? The company blog is the solution to raise awareness of your business … but it's not just storytelling all that glitters! A well-structured company blog that is useful for users' questions can also intercept vast slices of traffic, which you could never have crossed over on the SEO side and turn them into contacts or sales.

In this meeting we will see how to make the company blog from a mere appendix of your online business to a beating heart of the portal's search engine positioning, with strategic but also technical best practices to maximize its return.

Benedetto Motisi

To interact is enough follow the live webinar and through Twitter carry on their own questions using the dedicated hashtag #gowebinar.

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Empower by GoDaddy

"Empower by GoDaddy"Is an international initiative that the group – through the blog of the Italian section – wanted to decline also in our country, for our peculiar reality made of great creativity, scarcity of economic resources and great application skills. To ignite the spark and blow up all the energy of new micro-entrepreneurs, the cycle of webinars start today then continue on a monthly basis by rattling off ten additional themes chosen by the major Italian digital marketing experts.

SEO, GDPR, social strategies, e-commerce, local advertising and more: starting a business is something complex, but above all the margins of error in the initial stages are greater since experience is often lacking, resources are limited and each misstep can cost reaction times that are not in line with the needs of the own idea. Carrying out an "empower by GoDaddy" strategy means dribbling the main obstacles and therefore starting with a competitive advantage: that of the competence.

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